The 1st of our Come Dine with Media series. Night 1 is with Doug Young - DusaTV Broadcast Editor Full of ups and downs, and more bitching than chat, the media managers all get together for what will more than likely be the 4 longest nights of there life.
The 2nd of our Come Dine with Media series. Night 2 is with Craig - Dusa Radio Manager As the group meet again, things seem to be calming down and the managers seem to be getting along with each other like best friends. Well, Apart from Craig & Felix (When he eventually showed up).
The 3rd of our Come Dine with Media series. Night 3 is with Danielle Ames - The Magdalen Editor As the group meet again, good spirit and plenty of alcohol flows through the night with plenty of laughs and smiles all round, especially when the managers find some of Danielle's dark, hidden secrets.
In the grand finale of Come Dine With Media, Online Manager and self-confessed non-cook Felix Reimer tries to wow the other Media Managers with a simple, yet tested menu, topped off by an interestingly named desert. Who will take the prize? Will anyone care with the amount of alcohol being consumed?

A DUSA Fashion Grad Ball special presented by Clare and George. Taking a look at the hottest grad ball styles. Social Media : Instagram @dusafashion 

Here is the last round up of the News in and around campus... DeeCon - NaSTA - Best Broadcaster Video - Highly Commended Animation Video - *Joe did not write his final line*